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Scholarship Details

Higher Study in Belgium for Bangladeshi Students

After graduation lots of students in our country thinks about doing higher study in abroad.Many of them choose “Belgium” for the quality of the education they provide.But most of the students apply through consultancy farm and as a result they end up wasting more money on these consultancy farms.Well,  if anyone wants to do masters/PhD in Belgium, this note is for them. He has to follow the steps one by one for avoiding consultancy farm.Every details regarding higher study in Belgium is described here.


About Belgium:

Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinctive regions including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. The bilingual capital, Brussels, has ornate guildhalls at Grand-Place and elegant art-nouveau buildings.

Step by Step Procedure :

  1. University Selection as per Course and Deadline -- ULB/VUB/UCL/LEUVEN/ULG/GHENT/ANTWERP

  2. IELTS + 2/3 Letter of Recommendation (Better take it from high profile professor)

  3. Scan copy required: a) University Certificate   b) University Marksheet c) Passport size Photo   d) Passport Information Page e) NID card f) Recommendation Letters 
    g) Motivation Letter (Typed)    h) IELTS (sometimes Medium of Instruction works)

  4. Fill up the application form perfectly on University website. Upload the previously mentioned documents where necessary and submit. (Sometimes 100 Euros/100 USD application fees required).

  5. You will get acceptance/rejection letter via mail within 2 months after submission

  6. If you get the acceptance letter, then you need to apply for Belgium Visa in VFS Global situated in New Delhi, India. (From December 2018)

  7. Documents required for Visa Application:
    i) Attested Certificate + Mark-sheet ( Details Later)
    ii) Police Clearance (8-10 Working Days, you can apply online)
    iii) Medical Certificate ( From any of 2 Nominated Doctors, 4000 Taka in 2019)
    iv) Duly filled Annex 32 form and signed in witness of Consulate (If self Funding) or Scholarship Certificate from Authority.
    1v) Bank Statement of Sponsors ( 2000 Euro/Month for last 6 months)
    vi) Duly Filled Visa application form with 35x45mm size lab print color photo (1 Copy)
    vii) 204 Euro Administrative fee payment slip, have to pay via student file. (if Govt uni, Required by Belgian Govt.)
    viii) Last Year Income tax return slip of Sponsor (Translated and Notarized by Advocate)
    ix) Sponsor Passport information page copy
    x) Applicants Passport must be valid more than 2 years from the application date
    xi) Offer letter from the University (Received Hard Copy) and scholarship certificate if available.
    xii) Visa application fee+ VFS fee = (14940+1411 )rupee in cash at VFS New Delhi

    ** If anyone pay the tution fee via student file earlier, then iv,v, viii, ix not required.
    *** For scholarship awardee vii & xii (14940 rupee) not required. But he has to submit exemption letter for this, which will be issued from University. only payable 1411 rupee.

  8. Attestation Process:
    a) University Certificate+Mark-sheet (Original) : From University--Education Ministry--Foreign Ministry
    b) Annex 32 (Original) : Notary-- Law Ministry--Foreign Ministry
    c) Police Clearance (original) : Already attested from Foreign Ministry if applied online
    d) All the 4 documents then need to be legalized from Belgian Consulate, otherwise it will not be accepted by VFS Global. Legalisation fee 1960 taka/Document (7840 Taka total) have to be paid in cash. It will take 2/3 working days.

  9. Arrange 1 set of Original Documents mentioned in 7 & 8 including whole passport copy, and make 2 sets photocopy of the original set for submission. Keep in Mind that total 3 set whole passport copy is required and if anyone forgot to do so, he can do the same in the VFS global, each page/3 rupee.
    ** For medical certificate, this will be the only sealed document that you have to carry along with you to Delhi. You have to open it in front of them, then you will be allowed to make copy.

  10. You have to make appointment from VFS  to submit your docs.without appointment, VFS won’t take your application and documents. So make a travel plan for Delhi accordingly. You are advised to go to Delhi 1 day prior to the appointment date.

  11. Submit all documents as mentioned above and deposit cash inside VFS global . Then you have to provide bio-metric information.

  12. They will return your passport immediately. Wait for the visa confirmation mail. They will inform you time to time. Then Chapter closes in Delhi.

  13. After getting Visa confirmation mail, you have to send the passport via consulate. The
    charge for this service is 3000 Taka. It will take 7-10 days to get the passport back with all the original documents.

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