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Green University of Bangladesh

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB), one of the leading private universities in Bangladesh, was founded in 2003 under the Privat e University Act 1992 with a vision to create a global higher education center of excellence. GUB offers studen ts from all walks of life the adva ntages of an affordable, personalized education of global standard. As a modern, dynam ic, and innovative institution for undergraduate and graduate students, GUB lays stress on quality education imparted by a galaxy of highly qualified, dynamic, dedicated, and well-experienced faculty members with global exposure. GUB’s greatest resource in fulfilling its mission is its faculty of about 200 distinguished scholars and educators, whose scholarly research experiences and teaching skills enrich t he students’ classroom environment. To ensure quality education, GUB is equipped with modern infrastructural facilities, latest academic curricula, Internet with Wi-Fi facility, air-conditioned classrooms, and seminar halls supported with multi-media, rich libraries, most sophisticated laboratories, students’ cafeterias, standby generators, etc. The students of GUB experience a vibrant university community with a diverse range of academic offerings and about 4,500 participating students. Today, GUB continues to grow, both in its facilities and in the dimensions of its educational and research programs. The goals of GUB include the continued provision of the highest quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels along with increased support for outstanding research to meet the needs of society and to fulfill GUB’s role as a leading private university in Bangladesh.Source: Green university

Courses Offered
SN Course Title Course Duration Credit Fees
1 Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 4 Years 144 373500 /-
2 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 4 Years 141 373500 /-
3 Textile Engineering 4 Years 161 389925 /-
4 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 4 Years 130 382650 /-
5 LLB 4 Years 125 232800 /-
6 English 4 Years 138 235200 /-
7 Sociology 4 Years 136 189220 /-
8 Fashion Design & Technology(FDT) 4 Years 129 292440 /-
9 MBA 1 Year 60 160800 /-
10 EMBA 1 Year 45 120400 /-
11 LLM 1 Year 36 57780 /-
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