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Top 5 things to do in LOCKDOWN!

Many folks are already in lockdown from the Coronavirus but that does not mean that we just need to sit on our backsides and be bored. There are many fun things to try to to whilst we are stuck at our home , here are our top 5 activities to try to to whilst in lockdown.

5. Explore your hobby:

Hobby Time! You can travel back to your childhood and have some fun with your hobbies.You can put interest in your hobbies.It can be anything.Suppose you have a passion in painting.You could even paint something around the house to give it a fresh new look!

There is also calligraphy, it looks tricky but perhaps you can master it with the help of a youtube video.

In short, during this time you can give momentum to your hobby.

4.Limit your addiction:

During this Lockdown we are spending most of our time in social media and other online platforms.In short we are always using our phone and computers.So during this time we can develop a dangerous addiction of social media,funny videos or phone.Cause lockdown period is much of a time to grow these addictions. 

If we stick to our phones all these time there is a possibility that the addiction will stay even after the lockdown.It can become worse.
So,we have to be conscious about that.

3.Develop at least one skill:

Because of lockdown you have lots of time to upgrade yourself.You can use this time to increase your productivity.It should be a resolution for you to develop at least one skill.You can develop at least one skill so that when everything resumes you have a skill that’s gonna put you ahead in your career.Now the kind of skill you’re gonna develop is completely depends on you.Suppose you are weak in communication , so you can utilize this time productively by increasing your communication skill.

In short, make a resolution to yourself that when life resumes you will have a skill in your bucket. 

 2.Consume Knowledge over News or Funny videos:

Now we are in a repetitive mode of consuming news.Which are useless after a week.We are reading hundreds of news articles and watching funny videos all the time.The point is by consuming these hundreds of news and watching these videos you will gain nothing.Because when everything resumes you will be the same person with same skills or knowledge that you had before.These will just entertain you for this period.

All I'm saying is that you have a lot of time now.So why not instead of social media addiction instead of all those things you gather knowledge. Replace “News & funny videos” with “Books,Ted Talk,Documentaries”.

Just think how much of your social personality will improve by consuming knowledge.

1.Improve your relationships:

Coming in at number one is the most important and fun thing you can do at a time like this is improve your relationships or fix the relationships.
In our regular lives we are living a very busy life.We have hundreds of priorities, we need to be here and there or we are always on the internet, we are doing this and that.One of the most important element in your life is your relationships.In your life you have lots of relations which are staying behind because of the fast pace of your life.And for that there grows various problems in those relationships. There may be some of your very close friends you are no longer in connection with.This routine life even can create problems in your relationship with your family members.Right now we are in lockdown.Now we have time.

Maybe it's time to get back to those things which are the most dearest in our lives “Human relationships”.Psychology also says that a large portion of a person's happiness depends on his relationships.
Just invest your time to improve the precious relationships of your life.

Take care everyone, stay safe, stay home and try to bring more happiness in your lives! Share this with your friends & family to keep them busy and happy during this crazy period in time. 




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