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Scope for CSE graduates

In this era almost every business and organizations becoming digital , the IT sector today is a thriving field as compared to any other sectors in our country and there is a huge demand of IT based engineers and programmers. The demand is so high that companies recruit engineers not only from the CSE and IT branch but also from other branches whoever has a brilliant knowledge on IT. A vast number of opportunities are knocking on the door for them.

A recent study on the job placement of our country has published that now IT/CSE graduates have the highest job placement rates. The “Bangladesh: Computer and Software Engineering Tertiary Education in 2018” published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) tracked the graduates of computer science and  engineering (CSE) and institutes of information technology (IIT) from nine universities in Bangladesh.It was the second such study on South  Asian countries and it assessed the job placement opportunities of the graduates;  examined access to and quality and relevance of the CSE/IIT university programmes and identified possible areas for improvement.They published that the “demand for CSE/IIT graduates from the IT/ITES industry  is strong, as evidenced by a 77.1% job placement rate for its graduates"

The research also found that the work placement rate of girls was lesser than that of men. For women, the location rate was 58.6 percent while it had been 82.2 percent for his or her male counterparts. While the location rate indicator was good, the study, however, showed that a lot of graduates of the 2 subjects had to attend a year after graduation to urge employment , suggesting that fresh graduates weren't fully ready for the knowledge technology and knowledge technology enabled services industry.They published that  “While the overall job placement rate of CSE/ IIT graduates is higher than the overall average of university graduates, universities need to make efforts to provide relevant jobs soon after graduation,” And the rate was much higher than the overall graduate job placement rate of 40 percent.

Islamic University of Technology(IUT) graduates’ had the highest job placement rate at 92.4 percent, closely followed by the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology(BUET) at 91.1 percent. Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee(BRAC) University had 87.1 percent and East West University(EWU) 83.8 percent.Jashore University of Science and Technology had the lowest job placement rate of 57.6.

Programming involves plenty of innovations and students who love programming and designing or have a clever mind with an honest understanding of coding can get into CSE and squeeze very easily. CSE offers variety of the absolute best paying jobs not only in India but also outside. There are folks that do freelancing and acquire paid alright .But there are some disadvantages also – all candidates might not get paid that prime amount but the fun involved during this field and therefore the growth opportunities are what get people fascinated.

In this article, we'll provide you with details about the scope of placements in CSE – jobs for computing Engineers, positions, best colleges for CSE, and top companies. Read on to seek out out.

Possibilities Of Placements In CSE: Positions That Companies Offer

Placements In CSE


Web Developers

Software Developers

Hardware Engineers

Software Compliance

Software Testing

Database Analysts (SQL)

System Analysts or System Engineers

Security Analysts

Business System Analyst

CRM System Analysts

CRM Technical Developers

Data Warehouse Developer / Analyst

Database Developer

Data Modeler

Data Modeler

Data Security Analyst / Information Security Analyst

Applications Developer

Information Technology Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Mobile Applications Developer

Information Technology Auditor

Quality Assurance Associate / Analyst

Database Manager

UX Designer

Manager, Software Quality Assurance (QA) / Testing

Data Architect

Manager, Data Warehouse

Top Companies In the World that hire Computer Engineers

CSE is one of the best fields and has the highest placement records overall. Some of the top companies that hire Computer Engineers are as under:


  • APPLE Inc.
  • Microsoft Inc.

  • Yahoo

  • Google

  • Intel 

  • Toshiba Corporation

  • Hewlett-Packard

  • IBM Corporation

  • Dell Inc.

  • HP Inc

  • Acer Inc.

  • Lenovo Group Ltd.

  • ASUSTEK Computer Inc

  • Sun Microsystem

  • SAIC

  • HCL

  • Infosys

  • Wipro

  • L&T

  • TCS

  • NEC Corporation

  • Canon Inc.



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